Art Magazine Award
Judy Knott
At Your Fingertips


It's been a long time since I updated my web site so I have a lot to talk about. First I've been hand quilting a lovely quilt that my grandmother started over 80 years ago. You can see pictures of this wonderful quilt and an explanation of its progress by clicking on the "Fiber Arts" link.

Second I've been painting a lot. One of the things I've decided to concentrate on is fish. You'll see a plethora of those colorful, sleek creatures under "Paintings 2." If you're not a "fishy" kind of person, I've also added several other new paintings that I hope you'll like.

Third, I competed in several shows this year and I can finally say I'm an award winning artist! So click on the "Awards" button to see the list of awards I've gotten for 2012 including the "At Your Fingertips" painting.

And finally, I've been working on a new card line. The cards are all about fruits and vegetables—"Because Fruits and Vegetables Speak for Themselves." So check them out under "Greeting Cards."

I can't imagine 2013 being more exciting or fun but the plans are to travel more, finish the quilt and start a new one, get my card line moving and of course paint, paint, paint. Thank you for visiting my web site.