Art Magazine Award
Judy Knott


Judy Knott
Elk Grove, California 2012

Judy Knott

My artistic view is eclectic and evolving. I enjoy creating many different types of art in many different mediums—I work in oils and water colors, sterling silver jewelry and fiber. My paintings range from representational to impressionist. This seeming lack of focus is actually a way of keeping me interested and my work fresh and engaging. It helps me to continue to learn and grow.

Painting is pure joy and meditation for me which I hope comes through in my art.

I'm also catching up. For years I've worked with computers in the medical field and my artistic side has only just recently emerged. With my first art class the world opened up and I walked into the light of artistic expression. Leaving gainful employment behind is difficult, but using the other side of my brain to create has given me a renewed and happy spirit.

Judy display booth

Please take the time to look through my work and let me know what you think. If you care to make a purchase or have me show my art, please contact me at Or feel free to call (916) 539-1716.

And as one additional point of interest I'm proud to share that I am a Laughter Yoga Leader who conducts regular Laughter Yoga classes. I believe that my positive attitude is portrayed in my art.