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Upcoming Shows & Opportunities

I was happy that my painting of a sea turtle called "Flash" was accepted into the Sacramento Fine Arts Center "Animal House" competition.  I really like this show because it's all about the animals and I use a lot of animals in my paintings.  The show will be up from Jan. 3 through the 28th.   

The "Crow Show at Sparrow Gallery" will be held from March 9 through April 7.  I'm am working with the gallery to curate this show and am excited to be showcasing 20 plus artists' pieces.

I'll be judging the "Aspiring Artists" show for the Northern California Artists in February.  I've helped with judging shows before but this will be my first solo judging.  I have a feeling it will be scary and very difficult and many people might ask "What was she thinking?" but that is the nature of judging.  

There will be more shows, paintings and sales opportunities coming as I continue to expand my inventory, pursue gallery representation and continue to stretch myself.  


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