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California State Fair accepted two of my pieces one of which won the Publishers Award. 

I became a member of the "new" Elk Grove Fine Arts Center.  I put new in quotes because although it's been in existence for over ten years, it recently moved to it's new location at 9683 Elk Grove Florin Rd. where it has twice as much space as it had in the previous location.  That means more art to enjoy.  Perhaps you can drop by and check it out. 

In September I'll be joining several other artists in the Art Garage at 2116 19th Street for the Sacramento Open Studios Tour held Sept. 14 & 15.  This is an amazing event put on by Verge Center for the Arts to allow people to see artwork in the artist's own studio.  It's a great way to see artists and artwork right where we work. 

My 2020 calendars are on their way.  They've become quite popular--I sold out last year.  I'll be selling them for $15 during the studio tour mentioned above, but if you buy a piece of art for $200 or more, you'll get one for free. 

All I've written about so far is where I'm showing my artwork, but what have I been painting you might ask.  I've created a lot of smaller pieces so that anyone will be able to afford what I create.  But I've also been learning to use new mediums.  One of those mediums is cold wax.  It is literally wax that you mix with oils to give it a different texture and sheen.  You can layer different colors on top of each other and then dig or excavate back into them making new discoveries along the way.  I've also been continuing on my quest to create more non-objective abstract pieces on paper.  I mat these large scale pieces which make a striking appearance on any wall. 

Thank you for checking out my website and my artwork. 



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