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What is next?  I'm writing this in the midst of the Corona Virus pandemic and I'm sequestered in my own home doing my best to stay healthy.  For now I'm not going very far from home which makes moving into my new art studio problematic.  

Yes, my timing couldn't have been more perfect--the week after moving into a studio at Artistic Edge at 1880 Fulton Ave. the Governor told us to stay put.  I won't be able to go there and work for awhile.  Thankfully I still have paints and canvases at home. And one way for me to stay mentally healthy is to create new work.  Since I recently came back from a trip to New Zealand and Australia (see my March April Newsletter) I have a tremendous amount of material to paint from.  I am inspired to interpret some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever seen.  We were gone for 25 days and now I'm really excited to be painting again.  

My artwork is up in other venues throughout the area.  Several of my landscapes and a few of my abstracts are hanging at Fire and Rain Gallery in Folsom.  This is a lovely gallery that has an amazing amount of artwork as well as sculptures, jewelry and other wonderful finds for sale.  It's right on the main street of Old Town Folsom so please stop by (call for an appointment during these COVID 19 times).

Additionally I have about 23 paintings hanging in the Chamber of Commerce in Roseville.  They are displaying some of my most colorful and fun pieces and they will be there through June 2020.  

I am working hard on a new series of abstracts on paper.  This series will be shown at Arthouse on R in Sacramento in November.  I so looking forward to showing off this new artwork some of which is based on the amazing thermal activity I saw in New Zealand and some of which is pure imagination.  I hope you can come and see it.

I am hopeful that most of us will get through this year healthy and have a new attitude towards cleanliness after this is over.  In the mean time, if you see any artwork that you would check out more closely or have a piece you would like to commission, please let me know and I will make sure to and help you get what you need.  

Thank you for checking out my website and my artwork. 



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